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Spanish Adventure of Hubal’s group

From February 28, 2023 until March 5, 2023, a group of students from the Vocational School No. 1, together with teachers Katarzyna Maciejczyk - the project coordinator and Anna Korba - an English teacher, attended the fifth and last meeting as part of the Erasmus + "Dance with me" project. The host of the mobility was the Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Obligatoria Joaquín Lobato school located in Torre del Mar. "Listen, see and participate, this is our cultural heritage" was the motto of this meeting. Spain greeted us with beautiful sunny weather, which we missed in Poland. The official welcome of the meeting took place at the school on January 30. Spanish students and teachers welcomed us with customs and traditions characteristic for their region. During the workshops, using multimedia presentations, they provided us with the most important information about the country in which we were staying, its culture, customs, dishes, dances, music and folk instruments. We watched some traditional dances, listened to folk songs and instruments in a specially prepared room. The dance workshops were an excellent form of integration for the project group. We practiced national and folk dances such as Polish polonaise, Spanish bachata, elements of flamenco and Jerusalma steps, which were combined into one common choreography. A dance group prepared a show of Spanish dances in traditional folk costumes for us at the city's community center. The best way to get to know the cultural heritage of Málaga and Torre del Mar were educational tours and workshops. The places we visited made a great impression on us. The Alcazaba fortress, one of the largest Moorish fortresses in Andalusia, or the Gibralfaro castle, which offers some of the most beautiful views of the entire city. Malaga is also the city where there are some of Picasso's paintings, which you can admire at the Picasso museum. We also have visited Malaga Cathedral - one of the most beautiful buildings in this city, a port, a botanical garden and the Old Town. An interesting form of visiting the city was a trip by narrow-gauge railway during which we could admire extremely charming places. We found out that both of these cities are not only historically interesting places but also full of modernity and street art. These cities also attracts tourists with beautiful beaches, charming promenades and marinas that we could admire almost every day. The teachers of the project participated in an official meeting organized by the mayor of Torre del Mar, while the students participated in sports activities. The project was a great opportunity to make new friends and a way of integration of students and teachers from 5 European schools. Team work definitely has broken the language barrier and proved the importance of foreign language skills in the modern world. Friday was a day of farewell dinner full of Spanish flavors such as olive oils, seafood, Spanish omelettes and delicious desserts. The headmaster and the coordinator of the Spanish school officially ended our meeting handing out the project certificates. We left the sunny and picturesque Malaga with regret as we knew that a typical winter aura awaits us at ahometown. We deeply believe that even though the project is coming to an end, we will continue to work together.

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