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The fourth meeting of the Erasmus+ project "Dance with me" took place in Bychawa, Poland from 19 to 24 of September 2022. Katarzyna Maciejczyk – polish coordinator warmly welcomed schools from Italy, Turkey, Croatia and Spain, and then, together with students of polish school, she opened the mobility with traditional Polonaise dance dressed up in folk costumes. The guests of four European schools were also officially welcomed by the school headmaster and the representatives of local government authorities. The start of the project was honoured by the performance of one of our student Stanisław Wujastyk with his partner Karolina Romanek who performed a few standards and Latin American dances. Our partners visited the school and had a chance to taste some delicious refreshments prepared by the parents of our students. The students took part in various competitions, quizzes and icebreakers which gave a great opportunity to integrate as they worked in international mixed groups. The culminating point was the Polonaise workshop, ending with a film recording. On September 21 and 23 we went on trips to Warsaw and Lublin during which our partners could learn about the polish culture, history, customs and traditions. In Warsaw, we visited the Royal Castle, the Old Town, defensive walls, the University Library with an observation deck, and we experienced unforgettable moments at the Copernicus Centre. The Palace of Culture and Science, monuments of famous Poles, monuments of Warsaw brought Polish cultural heritage closer to our guests. On the way back, we taught our partners to sing a Polish folk song "Szła dziwewczka to laseczka", which gave us a lot of fun and laughter as Polish language and its pronunciation is quite difficult. There were also songs sang in Italian, Spanish, Turkish or Croatian. The trip to Lublin was an amazing adventure and a lesson of history and culture as well. The beautiful Old Town with numerous monuments, Litewski Square, a walk around Lublin’s downtown made an amazing impression on our partners. We will definitely remember a visit to the Onion Museum where we got to know the secrets of baking a Lublin’s delicacy - „cebularz” (flat wheat dough pancake, topped with diced onion and poppy seed). We took part in a baking workshops, during which everyone made their own cebularz. Thursday, September 22 was filled with project classes in our school. We started with dance workshops to the music of Con Calma. Hairstyles were done by teachers and students of our school's hairdressing classes. The next part was Jerusalema dance workshops, a song that has recently become very popular around the world, thanks to challenges posted in social media. Both dances performed by project’s participants have been recorded as the products of Polish activities. The end of an intensive day of work at school was the creation of a banner symbolizing unity and friendship. Each participant of the meeting imprinted his hand with paint on the banner. Ii the evening on September 23, an official farewell dinner was held were all members received mobility certificates. We hope that pleasant memories will remain for a long time, friendships will last and our partners would like to return to Poland.

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