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Fatih Sultan Mehmet anadolu Lissie

Nilgun Arslan – coordinator


Our school

We are a high school in Diyarbakır,a historical beauty,in the south-east part of Turkey. Our school includes different courses on languages, maths, sciences and art and music. .It has about 1200 students aged 14-18 and about 70 teachers. Among the and teenagers attending our school there are students from different social backgrounds, students with special educational needs, also students belonging to ethnic minorities. Our school has a clear goal to spread education, culture and to work on personal development. We deal with educational activities, social and sportive activities. We arrange lots of courses and workshops to enable young people to acquire skills and professionalises through using new and non-formal education methods that stimulate learning, creativity and transfer as organization ,we have an Eu project this year (youth exchange).It is about environmental problems,and we will hold the mobility im Italy in August.Our students are very keen on to meet new cultures and new people so we try hard to make them happy with these kind of projects and also etwinning projects. We have a very expertise staff about Erasmus+ projects (like coordinators and partners) from their previous schools. Actually this is the first time we will take part in a Eu project (KA229) as a partner and we are so exciting because we will learn lots of new things from our European neighbours and also we are so lucky because we have partners who are very eager to help us in all difficulties in case we have. As FSM high school we have a very expertise staff about active methodologies and ICT, with a very good knowledge So we believe we have lots of things to add this project. Project team: Nilgün ARSLAN is a teacher of English language, has been at the school for many years, sets a very powerful example to students; good organizer of trips and activities around historical topics as well as physical activities.She is an ITEC (innovative technologies for engaged classromms) ambassador and International projects coordinator. AsLI YİĞİT, is a teacher of German language, very hardworking, pleasant personality. Very competent IT user. Actively involved in previous projects as well. Mehmet zahit DEMİR, teacher of history, currently in the role of Acting Principal, has been at the school for many years, very enthusiastic and getting on well with students, pleasant personality, and very good motivator. The school administration (secretary, bookkeeper, accountant) has the necessary skills and expertise of handling the administration.


Fatih Sultan Mehmet anadolu Lissie – szkoła

Nilgun Arslan – coordinator

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