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Mobility in Italy

C5 13.06 - 18.06.2022

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DAILY PR O G R A M Calabria  

Tolerance will win..

Monday 13 June

Accommodation at “ La porta del Sole Resort"

Tuesday 14 June

10:00 OPENING DA Y Welcome Ceremony

Official greetings: Mariarosaria Russo - Principal “ Rafaele Piria " High School - Rosarno 10:30 Workshop n. 1 -“La Tarantella Calabrese”. Concert by maestro Francesco Macri.

Old Italian Wedding Folk Song - Learn a music Instrument from Italy 11:30 Workshop n. 2 - Show traditional folk dance costums “The Giants Mata and Grifone, a love story between Calabrian legends and popular traditions”.

Workshop n. 3- Videos of '' La Tarantella'' Folk dancing 12:00                  Coffee Break

12:30       School tour

13:00 Workshop n. 4- La Tarantella'' Folk Dance”. Folkloric group performance. All host and guest students will learn and perform Italy folk dance ( ''La Tarantella'' dance)

14:00       Return to hotel

18:00       Departure to Scilla

18:30       Visit Borgo “Chianalea”

20:00       Dinner - At “ La piccola Venezia Restaurant” terrace overlooking the sea. For teachers only

20:00       Workshop n. 5 International soccer match. For students only

Wednesday 15 June

08:00       Departure from the Resort to Tropea

Workshop n. 6 Between myths and legends: Discovering the siren song of Ulysses - The Gods ’ coast - Tropea and Capo Vaticano.

09:30       Cruise of the Gods ’ coast

13:30       Lunch

14:30       Visit Tropea city

16:00 Departure to Rosarno

20:00 Workshop n. 7 The "Tarantella" under the moon of San Ferdinando. Bonfire on the beach. For students only


Kahoot! Between myths and legends - “The Giants Mata and Grifone”

Italy: Architecture, food, music, the arts and fashion.

Poster contest. Understanting consequences of internalized oppression.

Draw a collage of EU icons that you could show to someone overseas that sums up our culture.

Hello in Different Languages Description of a Cross-Cultural Activity Coordinator Only Check the status of the project Coordinator Only Future activities

“La porta del sole Resort”

Thursday 16 June

09:30       Workshop     n. 8

10:00       Workshop    n. 9

10:30       Workshop    n. 10

11:00       Coffee Break

11:30       Workshop    n. 11

11:30       Workshop    n. 12

10:00       Workshop    n. 13

11:30       Workshop    n. 14

14:00       Return to hotel

20:00       Farewell party.

Friday 17 June

07:00 Departure to Sicily: Taormina 08: 00 Workshop n. 15 Sicilian tarantella 10:00              Visit T aormina. Ancient Theatre

11:00 Visit historical center 13:30 Lunch Resturant or Pizzeria 16:00 Departure to the “ BeautifulIsland"

17:00 Departure to Rosarno and to Catania

Saturday 18 June


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