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Dance With Me

About the project

''We can not long survive spiritually seperated in a world that is geographically together'' quoted by Martin Luther inspires our project partnership as it focuses on intercultural dialoque and perfectly underlines our aim.We aim to succeed this interaction via dance and music as we are by nature musical, rhythmical as humanbeing. We are surrounded by music every day,enjoy it for relaxation, and may dance to it, yet many of us have only experience music in school during a weekly class lesson. Music is a part of our life that its nature and purpose is rarely questioned. It is a lifelong activity as a universal part of all cultures. Schools and society must develop our children to be happy, well-adjusted citizens, rather than people who can just pass a test and get through school.Music and dance are an important part of reaching this and of ensuring that the young can achieve their potential and contribute to our society. “Dance in education involves in creating, performing and appreciating movement as a means of expression and communication. Dance differs from the other physical education programme in that primary concern is with the expressive quality of movement and the enjoyment and appreciation of the aesthetic and artistic qualities of movement”. With this project,we want to give our students the possibility to identify themselves with the way of European thinking.We want our students to meet and know different cultures,customs and peeople .We can learn and share our ideas by excanging our thoughts. On the other hand,we want our students to improve their own skills and abilities.We are sure this project will be an opportınıty for improvinng their self-confidence.With the activities,the students will learn to be aware of the beauties of their traditional music, dances and customs. The main target group of this project is students that are the owners of our future. That is why all our activities are students oriented and can be only accomplished with their active participation. The aim of the activities is to enable the students gain knowledge and abilities that they can use in the future. The main objectives of our project are: -To maintain close tights between cultures and share innovative methods and tools lıke popular songs,traditional dances from generation to generation to teach and learn communication -to discover European cultures and introduce our traditional dances, -to respect the cultural, geographical diversity among European countries, -to stimulate creativity and curiosity by producing innovative ideas of dance workshops, -to improve success and motivation of pupils especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, -to develop the communication skills with the help of sharing knowledge in a variety of methods, -to develop ICT skills, use of multimedia and social Networks via internet, -to feel the spirit of being a European citizen through dances.

"Dance With Me"

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